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Tips for Effective EMP Protection

Electromagnetic pulse or EMP attack is a real possibility and not just based on movies, which is something that you must be mindful about. That’s the reason why you should have an EMP protection plan and also, the same reason to why it has been long overdue to have yourself protected from EMP attack.

As you read this article, we are going to talk a lot about what exactly EMP does and on how you can protect yourself from it.

When a conductor moved in a magnetic field, this produces an electrical current. This sort of technology is widely used today, more so to operate generators at local power plants. Similarly, when the moving magnetic field passed through a conductor, it is going to create a current and this is simply known as EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. This sounds to be technical and complicated as well, because it really does.

What would happen in case that the magnetic field produced is stronger when it passed through the wire. Perhaps, there will be a pulse large enough to damage the wiring and by the term damage, I mean fried from the inside. A pulse that’s so intense may fry out the microscopic wires in small circuitry. With magnetic field that’s so strong, the microelectronics may be destroyed by the electrical burst.

But don’t worry, you can actually do something to protect your devices from possible EMP attack. Electrical shielding is among the known techniques for EMP protection. In the event that the electrical cable has grounded shield, the EMP isn’t going to penetrate that shield. It will be inducing current in the shield and harmlessly release that current. While this is the perfect option for cables, have you thought of your smaller devices like microelectronics?

In this case, you can protect the whole device by making use of a Faraday Cage. This is named after Michael Faraday who is an early scientist who discovered the presence of electromagnetic. He’d discovered the electromagnetic field isn’t able to penetrate the container made from a particular metal. Rather, the field is impinging the cage’s exterior and because all sides of the cage are electrically connected, there isn’t induced electrical current.

In order for a current to flow, there needs to be a differential electrical potential and devices that are held inside this cage are safeguarded from damaging current. Again, there is a device referred to as Nested EMP Faraday cages that is a lot better for EMP protection. Simply speaking, this is a cage that is put inside a cage.

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